Backup in Real time for Successful WooCommerce Stores

Important Transactions on WooCommerce websites happen all the time.
Don’t Wait for the End of the Day to Store Valuable Data.


Why is Real-Time Backup required for WooCommerce?

If a customer places an order on your website then that change is immediately tracked and saved.

Never Lose Even A Single Order

Store the most up-to-date backups from which you can recover your site easily; and more importantly not lose any orders.

Keep your Shop open 24/7

Ensure smooth transactions take place any time of the day. Recover your website in under a minute and never lose any customers.

What makes BlogVault Real Time Backups Unique??

Pull Model instead of Push Model

‘Pull’ changes on your website to BlogVault servers as they occur. All changes are saved without making excessive demands on your site’s server resources.

Hooks – based Tracking

Identify parts of the sites modified by catching specific triggers like adding or editing a new post or a comment or installation of a new plugin or theme.

Incremental Backup

Performs complete website backups, including even custom tables and files.

Access Upto 365 Days of Backup

We backup all your websites everyday. Find the entire repository of your backups from Day 1.

See what our customers say about us

I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after.

Jennifer Carello
TechCare LLC – WP Designing agency