Perfect for Agencies and Developers

Work together with your Team, Clients and Users for a Seamless WordPress Website Management and Security


Site Management

Update Plugins, Themes, and Core

BlogVault maintains all your plugins, themes and the site’s WordPress core. Update specific plugins or themes, or all of them on the dashboard itself.

Track WordPress Core Details

Update core modifications, upgrade core WordPress updates and check PHP version being used.

Track and Delete Plugins and Themes

Keep an eye on new plugins and themes added. Remove any unused or deactivated plugins or themes.

Add Clients and Users

Assign Clients and even Users to websites on the MalCare Dashboard to maintain their websites easily.


Team Management

Access information on Team Members and Assign their Access Permissions to websites on the BlogVault Dashboard according to their roles.


Assign User Roles and Site Access

Control users’ access permissions according to their roles for all websites on the dashboard.

Team Collaboration

Collaborators can:

✔️Access to assigned sites
✔️Perform all actions on allowed sites
❌Cannot access billing and account related information

Admins can:

✔️Access assigned websites
✔️Perform all actions on allowed sites
✔️Add and remove new sites
✔️Access billing and account related information

White Labeling

BlogVault is the first WordPress security solution to offer a white-labeling solution to developers and agencies. You can choose to re-brand BlogVault plugin or hide it completely.

Detailed Website Reports

Generate and Schedule Reports

Generate detailed security reports at the click of a button and share it instantly with your clients. BlogVault takes one more task off the list for you, letting you focus on growing your business.


Reports History

Reach out to the Reports repository for showcasing your website details at different points in time. Nurture your website by building lasting relationships with your clients. Display website details and stats to Clients with Your Brand and Logo on our product.

Single Dashboard

One Centralized Dashboard for all your Backup and Security needs.

Detailed searches

Use symbols called search operators in specific search fields to filter your advanced search results.

Narrow Down Searches

Categorize websites easily with WordPress core versions, plugins, themes, their versions, users or even tags.

Streamline Bulk Actions for Web Sites

Perform actions like updating existing plugin on multiple websites at once.


Looking for a particular website? Too many websites on the dashboard to scroll through? Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Refine your search to easily access the website you are trying to find.

Advanced Search

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I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after.

Jennifer Carello
TechCare LLC – WP Designing agency