Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlogVault?

BlogVault provides daily automatic backup and synchronization of every aspect of your WordPress blog or site including posts, comments, media file, themes, plugins across multiple secure and robust servers.


Where is the data backed to? Are the servers secure?

BlogVault makes multiple back up of the data on extremely secure and robust BlogVault servers as well as on Amazon S3 servers.


But do I really need BlogVault ? Doesn’t WordPress back up my data?

If you host your own WordPress blog/site, it does not. Confused? Simply put, if your site is not then you have a reason to worry. Servers while generally robust, do fail at times. And when this happens more often than not, sites crash and data is lost. One such horror story inspired us to build this service!


And what if disaster strikes …?

Anytime restoration with upto 30 backed up versions from last 30 days to choose from. Restoring your site is as easy as backing it up with BlogVault. Automatic restoration of the website – you do not need to download the content on your local machine and then manually update the host server.


How much does BlogVault cost?

To know about the plans and pricing, please visit the pricing page.


How do I register to use the service?

Please visit the plans and pricing page and select the plan that suits you best. On selecting the plan, you would be able to register using your email address and subsequently enter the payment details.


I signed up and paid, what do I do now?

Once you signup and create the subscription, you will need to install the BlogVault plugin. The BlogVault plugin will then automatically backup your site.


Do I need to pay for support and help?
No! We can be contacted at any time for any queries that you might have on BlogVault and its usage. We try our best to be quick with the answers and help.


How do I install BlogVault plugin?

The BlogVault plugin can be installed either automatically, or manually. To proceed with the automatic installation you will need to provide your WordPress credentials and our service will connect directly to your WordPress account and install the plugin. Alternatively you can download the BlogVault plugin from the dashboard and install it manually like any other plugin.


How do I restore a backed up version?

You can download any of the backed-up version of your site at any time. You can also use our built-in auto-restore tool to directly restore the site without downloading anything.


Does BlogVault work with Multisite WordPress (WPMU)?

Yes, BlogVault works well with Multisite WordPress installations. We backup every aspect of WPMU installations for all the subsites.