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Trusted by 220,000 websites and with 187,000+ Unique Backups, BlogVault is the Best WordPress Backup and Security Solution for Your Website.

What does BlogVault backup?




Plugin Files






Theme Files




Theme Settings


Plugin Settings


WordPress Settings


WordPress Database


WordPress Core Files


Users Details


Media Library Uploads


Custom Post Types


Categories and Tags


Images, Videos, Media

Backup Complete WordPress website

Every Part of Your Website

Files, Tables, Links, Pages, Plugins, Themes, Images, Videos, external Files, you name it, you’ll find it. In the BlogVault backup. Only with a full website backup, can you restore your entire website as it is.


Custom Made for WooCommerce

Specially tailored to backup even custom WordPress tables in real time. Don’t miss out on even a single order.

Backup Large Sites Easily

Backing up for the first time ever? No problem! Even websites as Large as 350 GB can easily be backed up using the incredible BlogVault Incremental Technology.


Optimised Backups take up Less Storage Space

Wasting storage space backing up your entire website daily? Rest easy, knowing less than 1 GB of space is used for 30 days of backups. All thanks to BlogVault Incremental backup technology.

Store Data with Incremental backup

Size is no matter!

Automate Daily Backup

No Work, All Play – For You.

Install and That’s it!

No Setup, No Configuration required. Just install the plugin on your site, and BlogVault will backup everything on your website for you automatically.


On-Demand Backup

Updating or Staging your site? Store every single word on your site just in case, with One-Click Backup Now functionality.

Access Upto 365 Days of Backup

We backup all your websites everyday. Find the entire repository of your backups from Day 1.


Organised Backup Repository

Organise backups by the date and time they were created, last they were updated, website details, or even according to the latest changes made.

Take a Look back with Backup History

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Multiple backup for Better Peace of Mind

Backups, backups everywhere.

Independant Backups

You can access backups even when your site is down, from the BlogVault Dashboard.


Multiple Storage Locations

BlogVault servers, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox. Backups stored in so many locations – guaranteed to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Backup Encryption

Even if hackers access your site, they cannot get to your backups, which is hidden with encryption methods.


Industry Best Safety Practices

Every subscription plan comes with secure storage complying with Industry standards for safety.

Safeguard data with Secure Encrypted Backup

Dance like no one is watching, Encrypt like Everyone is.

Off site Storage for Greater Safety

Always backup a backup

There’s Room for Everything

Unlimited Storage with many storage options. You’ll never panic at the sight of a crashed website now!


Independant Backups

Access and use backups completely independent of your website and web host via the BlogVault dashboard. Recover your entire site even if suffering a crash, with a single click.

No Impact on Site Performance

BlogVault runs on its own servers, so that your server is never overloaded. Never experience any delay in page load speed.

Upload and Download Backup

Seamless backup storage on External Platforms.
With BlogVault you can
Upload Backups to Dropbox
Download Backups to Computer

Compatible with 5,000+ Web Hosts

Partnered with few of the biggest names such as Pantheon and WPEngine. Compatible with every web hosting provider out there.

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I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after.

Jennifer Carello
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